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Welcome to the predators paradise. Here 120 million years of predatory evolution converge in a single moment in time, Isolated on a remote island, modern man comes face to face with dozens of species of genetically engineered dinosaurs.Now its a survival of the fittest. Deadly predators from opposite ends of earths history find themselves locked in an epic struggle. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, you control three different species of dinosaur and two human charectors in turn through different parts of the island. If your durvival skills are good enough to make it through a section of the island, you control the next charector. The goal is to work your way through the island, controlling different predators untill only one remains.

Hunt or be Hunted.

  Jurassic Park: The Lost World - Info

Name: Jurassic Park : The Lost World
Platform: PSX
Genre: Platform/Survival
Age Rating: 11+
Hunt or be hunted in the untamed island ruled by dinosaurs that is The Lost World. Stalk, track, and fight in the expansive 3-D envoirnment where natural selection is the only law. Control 5 different charectors including the ferocious T-Rex in 40 levels of gripping gameplay

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  The Lost World - The Dinosaurs

Dimetrodon: Missing in Action
  Playable   None-Playable
Human Hunter
Human Prey
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Euoplocephalus Leptoceratops

  The Lost World - Getting Started

T-rex Attacking an Allosaurus Main Menu
Start: Begins a New Game
Password: Passwords allow you to continue a game. After successful completion of a section, the LEVEL SUMMARY screen appears. When you continue, a password is displayed. Write down your Password to continue your game from this point. To return to the Password Display screen, press the X button.(To cancel an Password input hit Up).
Options: Adjust sound and difficulty settings for the game. You can't change the difficulty setting after you start a new game.

A note during Gameplay
In each level there are different ways to get to the end or areas accessible only through alternative paths.
To take any forward branching paths while moving forward, hold the R1 button.
To take any back-branching alternative paths, hold the R1 button toward the beginning of the level.

Start Menu Booklet Errors
In the "Starting the Game" section, it warns you to "Make sure there are enough free blocks on your Memory Card before commencing play", the game doesnt use the memory cards at all, it saves your progress by giving you a random DNA code at the end of an Dinosaur/Humans section, not the level.

In the "Password" section of the booklet, it brackets "Each section contains several levels", this is untrue as the only section with 9 levels belongs to Trex Other dinosaurs don't with the Compy having 9 levels, Hunter 6, Raptor 5 and Prey 3.

  Jurassic Park: The Lost World - Boxart

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