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News Date: 20th November 2017
Title: Nice Try
Author: Carcharodontosaurus
To the so called "Hacker" you tried, really you did but all you were able to do was locate a very old Wordpress file that was obviously hidden from me as I made sure to delete the entire thing when I changed hosts (Obviously not).
I apoligise for any downtime caused by the idiot, I have removed all files associated with WP and doubled checked with my hosts that everything related to, including the databases have been removed, the forums have temporarily gone offline whilst I fix them.
I'll be uploading Carnivores 2 later this evening, complete with some new images! Watch this space :D

News Date: 09th November 2017
Title: New Design
Author: Carcharodontosaurus
It's been a very busy few months, my original vision for this website has only changed a little the years and that was due to the fact I got older, had less time and desire to update Jurassica.

In the past I was happy to leave it well alone, do the pages at my own pace and add them whenever I liked with no rush as this website was and is a hobby to me. This formula has worked quite well in the past and it was my eagerness to put more of those ideas I had into motion, though the will was there the execution was poor.

Jurassica had gone up and down like a yo-yo in result. It's stood on "Coming Soon" longer than it has actually had content the past three years and it was mainly due to the fact that I had no time or will to fix it. I didn't want the website to die or become empty, but dreaded the prospect of having to re-code everything all over again, edit images and update the graphics. That was a daunting task and even now it is not enjoyable.

However, I wont share my ideas as they may change when I get older and my skills improve or time becomes more forgiving, but I have decided to stop putting off this monumental task of updating the site and will-- if I have to, force myself to do something weekly then that way it will slowly return to what it used to be in terms of content. All the pages are ready to be uploaded they only need to be edited so they fit in with the new very light website code and style.

If you are here and reading this then I thank you, if it was not for the positive feedback I have had from fans and friends over the years I'd have given up Jurassica, but seeing all the time and effort I put into it lost was not something I was willing to accept, that is why the website has returned and I hope that you also will keep returning and watching it grow even more!

Hope you have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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